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FFXI Dynamis Spawn Map [JP]
(NOT INCLUDE : New field areas of Dynamis) ->

DynamisSan [-BOSS] (BOSS 出現まで)
DynamisSan [BOSS-] (伯爵邸 NM 処理時の再配置 + BOSS 後再配置)
DynamisBas [-BOSS] (BOSS 出現まで)
DynamisBas [BOSS-] (BOSS 後再配置)
DynamisWin [-Loo Hepe] (3NM 討伐後、天の塔 NM 出現まで)
DynamisWin [Loo Hepe-] (天の塔 NM 討伐 + BOSS 後再配置)
DynamisJeu [-BOSS] (大公私邸前 Statue 処理まで)
DynamisJeu [RePop] (BOSS + 護衛 + 子ミスラ罠 + モグ前罠)
DynamisJeu [BOSS-] (BOSS 後再配置)
DynamisXar (一踏未調査)


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Battle Log ->
CoP-M 猛き者たちよ - The Savage Ouryu 戦
CoP-M 畏れよ、我を - One to be Feared Mammet-22 Zeta 戦
CoP-M 畏れよ、我を - One to be Feared Omega 戦
CoP-M 畏れよ、我を - One to be Feared Ultima 戦
CoP-M 武士道とは - The Warrior's Path Tenzen 戦

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FFXI "Lost Chocobo" Timetrial Quest Win-San

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